Monday, March 7, 2016

Dark Energy 102 - The Future

The current issue of Scientific American has one of the best articles ever written about Dark Energy, by 2011 Nobel Prize Winner and Dark Energy co-discoverer Adam Reiss, and Mario Livio. 
Adam Riess in his John Hopkins office in 2008.
Image credit: Courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Here is the link to their March 1, 2016 article, and I am sorry it is behind a paywall, but it's current and every local library should have a copy, as well as being on newsstands.

Riess and Livio do an excellent job of explaining the basics of Dark Energy in the first two thirds of the article, but the best is the last third which gives us hope, given the on-going and soon to be launched research projects, that we may have an answer to this enigma in as soon as a decade. Current experiments are discussed in detail.

Here are the four big experiments that Riess and Livio mention that will give us Dark Energy in a decade or so:

The Dark Energy Survey

The Large Synoptic Survey

The Wide-Field-Infrared Survey

ESA Euclid Mission

I will be adding links here over time as the future develops.

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